Lmao0o my man was getting it in

Ooo La La

Ladies with these crazyyy Versace open toe ankle boots you will definitley have everyone's attention. These Italy made 5 1/2 inch heels are a new arrival, so go get yours

half sleeve tattoo design by WillemXSM

contact the artist via email willemxsm@live.nl

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Can I get a job where she works???

Ginuwine ft. Bun B - Trouble

Ink Bleed Calendar

Crazy huh? Dip the paper in the ink well, a new color for each month, and watch as the bleed charts days past.
via [Dvice]

Fader mag Covers Drake[only pics]

"Successful" behind the scenes video

Footage From the "Run This Town" video shoot

Autotune Is For Pussies lo0ol

Christina Aguilera in the tee that speaks for itself, I wonder if Game gonna make a diss record about her too lol. Im online looking for this shirt immediately for purchase