Crack Smokers Decide Which Atlanta Rapper Has The Best Work SMH

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I Heart Tanlines [nsfw]

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Yo0o0o I Would Live In This Barbershop

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J.Cole Speaks On Upcoming Album & Getting A Co sign From Nas

What was your reaction to the Nas cosign?
I don’t remain cool when I meet these people, I’m like a little kid. Actually, when I met Nas… this was before he gave me any props on video, probably like a month or two ago, he actually quoted one of my lines from the Kweli song. I was like ‘Man, don’t quote one of my lines. You don’t understand man.’ I was so genuinely appreciative. I fucking used to type Nas lyrics just to put up on my wall.

Going back to your album, you mentioned it being a lot of storytelling, what are some of those tales?
If you could imagine a town called Dreamville, which is really to me, a mixture of my hometown Fayetteville and the city of dreams, New York. So it’s like this fictional town where the story takes place and within this setting there’s all these different aspects of life. Whether it’s the main character’s issues, family issues, relationship issues and then there’s this whole other issue of him trying to accomplish his goals. Prison issues, family members locked up. I see it like a movie.

Full Interview: Vibe

Stacey Dash Meets K+R

Vintage Chanel Coin Bracelet

WGCA features this very timeless ’80’s Chanel coin bracelet on Shopbop this week. Definitely a collector’s item.

Magics Vs.Celtics Game 2 Recap

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

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@theRealQuest ft. @HollisBoyz "Grind"