Model Of The Week @Keani_Cochelle

Height:6' 1"
Weight:170 lbs
Hair color:Black
Hair length:Long
Eye color:Brown
Skin color:Olive
Shoot nudes:No
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only
Fit Modeling
Parts Modeling
Promotional Modeling

Glamour Says: 10 Beauty Tricks That Make Guys Melt

1- Use blue eye makeup to amp up your bedroom eyes.

2- Flash him your sexy and bright smile.

3- Add some strategic shimmer to the -AHEM- girls.

4- Make your lips extra kissable.

5- Get behead waves the lazy girl way.

6- Try the fail proof combo of dewy skin and sexy heels.

7- Work the sexy, slightly unkempt bun.

8- Use highlighter to get your glow on.

9- Show off your edgy side.

10- Be your naturally gorge self.

The Future Of Screen Technology

This is the result of TAT's Open Innovation experiment. It is an experience video showing the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays, to name a few. Likecool

Double Space Nugget Ring

Imogen Belfield double yellow gold plated ring with large clusters of rock and bubbles.Yellow gold plated.

WIFIH Exclusive!!! @TroyAve "Swagger" [prod. by Ryan Leslie]

brooklyn's own Troy Ave drops some more heat for you motherfuckers, this time production is done by none other than Ryan Leslie himself. make sure yall download that Bricks In My Backpack and o0o yeah #FreeOnsmash

Beyonce's "I Am...World Tour" DVD Goes Double Platinum in Four Days!

After premiering a shortened version of her tour DVD on Thanksgiving night, Beyonce’s “I Am…World Tour” was certified double platinum before Nov 30th. The 90 minute documentary, which documents Bey’s 2009 international tour for I Am…Sasha Fierce, immediately went No. 1 on the Nielsen SoundScan Music DVD Chart on November 26th, the day after its release. It went on to sell over two million copies
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Rain Rain Go Away

With a quirky multicolored print and bird-shaped handle, Marc by Marc Jacobs' pink polyester umbrella is guaranteed to make rainy days chic. Carry this wet-weather essential with all of your fall looks to take on the season in style.

Bunky SA Gets His Daughter To Go In On Maino...

Bunky's been embroiled in a beef with Maino and the Hustle Hard Crew ever since he was beaten like a pinata by Maino's goons in Queens last year.

Until today, this beef had actually started to get interesting. Bunky had issued a video challenge to fight a fair one with Maino for $10,000.

Maino's right hand man @HustleHardGotti responded with his own video saying Bunky was still delirious after waking up from a coma after the beating he had gotten.

Now Bunky puts his daughter, who looks to be no older that 5 in a video saying the most foul mouthed crap. Dissing the Hustle Hard Crew, but really all Bunky succeeds in doing is dissing himself. full story here

#FattyFriday + 1 video


Heel measures approximately 140mm/ 5.5 inches with a 35mm/ 1.5 inch platform. Black sheer mesh inserts give Brian Atwood's feminine nude leather pumps a fashion-forward edge. Pair them with a clean-cut crepe dress for a modern, minimalist cocktail look.

Clipse ft. Pharrell and Kenna "Life Change" [official video]

LeBron Returns To Cleveland Gets Boo'd And Bust's Ass, Miami Wins 118 to 90

The NY Daily News reports:

CLEVELAND - Final score from Quicken Loans Arena: Cleveland Cavalier fans 385, LeBron James 0.

And it wasn't that close.

They sold beer only by the cup, for security reasons, but it was Bring Your Own Insult Night Thursday night when James made his first trip into the lion's den since quitting on his home-area team and leaving for South Beach last July.

They'll always feel jilted here. They'll always curse "The Decision."
"It's almost like your ex-girlfriend coming to your wedding," said the Cavs' Mo Williams, who used to be close to James, but not anymore.

She's Superbad

Nike Sportswear x Lebron James Destroyer Jacket

One of the highlights of the Nike Sportswear in recent times is the Destroyer Varsity Jacket, and here is a great piece that is created with basketballer Lebron James

You Could Use Up Your Verizon LTE Data Allowance In Just Half an Hour

Verizon's LTE is coming, and it's fast! Fast enough to burn through your entire 5GB monthly data quota in 32 minutes, according to PC Mag. How much were those overage charges, again?

Of course, you'd really have to make a concerted effort to chew up that much data in that little time—but it's easier than you might think, especially at the 21Mbps speeds PC Mag saw. Generally, though, on Verizon's plan you can watch about 7 hours of Netflix in standard def, say. Or two hours of BitTorrent downloads. After that: poof. Your monthly allowance is gone. $10 per GB thereafter, please.

The low caps make LTE a conundrum for heavy users. You've finally got the speeds to conquer the internet (or at least watch a lot of goofy videos) but a potentially severe financial penalty for actually doing so. It's early days, though, and Verizon's indicated that data plans may well evolve along with networks. We'll never get back to the days of the all-you-can-download buffet. But hopefully we'll be able to use our shiny new toys one day without paying through the nose. [PC Mag]

Wiz Khalifa Interview On The Come Up Show