Wiz Khalifa "No Sleep" [official video]

"Rollin" @Cee_Money [video]

Lil Wayne ft. Drake 'She Will"

NARS Fall 2011 Collection

The things I would do to these products!!!!
Take a closer look here.

Desktop Material

#FattyFriday + 1 Video

Verizon Debates On Expanding $50 Unlimited Plans w| "No Contract"

Sprint and MetroPCS already offer great unlimited plans for under $50 bucks! Now Verizon wants some of the action. Verizon Wireless is considering expanding their $50 unlimited prepaid plan to additional markets. It’s currently being offered in Florida and California under the code name “UNLEASHED” …you get it ? Unleashed! No contract.

Verizon officials say the limited trial has gone well. Customers on the no-contract plan are able to enjoy unlimited voice, text and web for $50 per month, which is in line with Sprint & MetroPCS.

Vado "Key To Life"

Listen And Download "Key To Life" Here

FML Daily

Today, thinking I was alone in a public bathroom, I started singing the words to my favorite song. A minute later that I heard a toilet flush, so I just sat there petrified. The other person sarcastically picked up the singing from where I left off. FML