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Drake "Heartbreak Drake pt.4"

01. My New Shit
02. Where
03. Come With Me
04. Zone
05. Pleasure
06. Pass The Dutch
07. Finale
08. Alicia
09. Fuck Da Bull
10. Believe Dat
11. 4 My Town
12. Say Something
13. Hurt (Remix)
14. Runaway Girl (Full Song)
15. Young Money (Bonus Track)
16. Young Money (Bonus Track)

Go0od lawdd Gizelle The Stallion & Kai Lynn Shake vid

Bed & Nightstand by Mieke Meijer

Designed by Dutch designer Mieke Meijer, Blend is a fusion of a bed and chair. The Blend bed features a wooden frame that is fused with two chairs at each of its sides. The chairs can also function as night tables. The chair refers to the 17th century, when people slept semi-sitting up because laying down was associated with death. What do you think about this interesting idea ?

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Diddy Blog #1001….A message to Haiti

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