Melissa Shoes in SOHO

Who remembers Melissa's? You know the see-through jelly style shoes that were the shit back in the days, lol. WELL... The Brazilian brand will nestle in SOHO NY by early Spring 2011. Now I don't know if the brand will still be keeping their original designs but they will be collaborating with designers such as Vivienne Westwood & Zaha Hadid & I'm anxious to see what they all come up with. So keep an eye peeled come Spring because they might just make a come back.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Drake Talks Pimp C

Brass Rose Knuckle Ring

Cutieeeeeeeee. I don't usually like my rings on more than one finger BUT this won me over.

T-Pain Shows Off His Diamond Ciroc & Nuvo Chains

this nigga has wayyy too much money to be waisting

Wrap Yourself Up

Who needs the same ol scarf? Enjoy these double layered ones instead!

Glamour Says:6 Qualities Your Future Husband MUST Have

So Glamour tells its audience some qualities a future should have. Get your notebook and check off your checklist.

Hubby Quality: He’s Honest
Even if he’s a car salesman (aka professional liar) by day, he has to speak the truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth) with you. Sure, there are certain occasions that warrant white lies, like if he’s trying to surprise you with an engagement ring or protect your feelings (“No, I didn’t notice that zit”). At all other times, though, he has to be straight with you--and not keep secrets from you.

Hubby Quality: He’s Got Your Back
My relationship may not have made it to a wedding day if Paul didn’t stand up for me when his family gave me a hard time during our engagement. Yes, Paul calls me out on it when he thinks I’m doing something wrong, but he always hears me out, supports my (carefully thought-out) decisions, and sides with me when sides have to be taken. It’s a good feeling--and a key ingredient to a successful marriage.


So apparently Lupe has had quite enough of his labels fuckery in terms of dropping his latest album, Lasers, so he's decided to take matters into his own hands. If you follow Lupe on Twitter (@LupeFiasco) you would have noticed yesterday that a few of his tweets were in reference to what he's calling Fiasco Friday. Some might think it's his way of starting a tending topic on Twitter but there's actually a method to his madness. Lupe is now planning a protest on October 15th outside of the Atlantic Records headquarters in NY. Although extreme but it just might work especially since his fan signed petition was completely over looked by the label. Lupe encourages all of his fans that will be in the NY area on that day come through and post up with him until the label cracks. Personally as a Lupe fan I wish I could be in the area for that because I've been waiting for the Lasers release for almost a year now and it's about time the man gets his shine.

Oscar De La Renta Wrist Pleaser

Oscar de la Renta's crystal, chain and enamel-embellished Maltese cross with buckled black cuff strap is an eye-catching evening adornment. Wear this unique piece to lend luxe tailoring a regal finishing touch.

Joe Budden Mood Muzik 4 [official tracklisting]

  • Intro (Pray For Them)
  • Aftermath
  • Role Reversal
  • Mop Salad (Skit)
  • Come Along
  • Dessert 4 Thought (feat. Styles P. x Pusha T x Beanie Sigel)
  • Sober Up (feat. Crooked I)
  • Black Cloud
  • Follow Your Lead (feat. Joell Ortiz)
  • Is It The Shoes? (Skit)
  • Inception
  • Remember The Titans (feat. Fabolous x Lloyd Banks x Royce Da 5’9″)
  • No Idea
  • Weekend Warrior (Skit)
  • Welcome To Real Life
  • Inseperable
  • 1,000 Faces
  • Stuck In The Moment
  • If All Else Fails
  • #TittyTuesday | NSFW

    Idiots Attempt To Rob Victim In Craigslist Scam....Victim Turns Out To Be The County Sheriff

    GARDEN CITY, Idaho - Authorities say two men attempted to rob a local buyer interested in purchasing a laptop computer off Craigslist.

    Only problem? The buyer was Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney.

    Garden City Police report Raney was looking to purchase a laptop computer and had agreed to meet the potential seller at 6650 Glenwood St. in Garden City. When Raney arrived, however, he saw the "seller" in a pullover hooded sweatshirt and other dark clothing sitting on a rock.

    Raney said he quickly became suspicious.

    "The (dark clothing) is what we call a clue," Raney said.

    Cool Sink Design by Planit combines storage and washbasin

    This washbasin from Planit is a really cool sink design that combines countertop, storage compartment and washbasin, all in one streamlined fixture. The Split sink boasts a minimalist look with its one-piece, integrated design and simple, square basin. Then, a hot flash of red catches your eye – the Cordura red handle that reveals a hidden storage space. Put away all your daily primp and prep essentials, out of sight yet easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Check out this modern bathroom must-have by visiting Italian bathroom brand, Planit.

    Bruno Mars ft. Damian Marley "Liquor Store Blues"

    Official Tracklisting For @TroyAve "Bricks In My Backpack: The Harry Powder Story" Album

    1. Bricks In My Backpack - ft. Fabolous
    2. Gone [prod. by Dj Uneek]
    3. Martin Lawrence [prod. by Sickamore]
    4. Palm Tree [prod. by Dj Clue]
    5. Ready Rock [prod. by Wizzy Beats]
    6. Lifes A Gamble [prod. by Olympikz]
    7. Wat U Tryin Do
    8. Tales From The Lieside
    9. O's [prod. by Dj Uneek]
    10. Hustle & Flow
    11. Smell Of Money
    12. Trick It [prod. by Dame Grease]

    Smokin On ft. Smoke Dza
    [prod. by Beats Startinglineup.com]
    Do It Like I Do It
    Lifes So Good ft. Mila Brown
    [prod. by Dj Uneek]

    Dropping here on WIFIH real soon.

    M Class Ft. Reynos & Jay Ave "Wet" [video]

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