Havoc “Smells Like 9/5″ x “Sex Tape”

Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 09

For those of you who know me know i have a slight obsession with Louboutins, but after coming across these it was love at first sight. Designer Nicholas Kirkwood's creations run from about $700 to about $2000 but are worth every penny. The designer is was inspired by "Modern Buildings" when creating his Fall line and at 6 inches the look like buildings.

To see more or find out where you can shop for them you can go here or here

Lauren Urstadt's Glove Obsession

Into the chic glove look? Take a look at these. Lauren Urstadt's design are just brilliant.

Davidelfin Spring/Summer 2010 Line


The iHammock is a very great gadget. Ever at work and your phone has to be on vibrate? Well when using the iHammock you can place your iPhone on it and the annoying loud vibration will not cause a distraction and your boss won't hear it. It's a lil comfy holder for the iPhone.

Fendi's Leather Cuff With Chain Detailing


WIFIH Contest: Win A Date With Red!!!

answer these 3 questions and you could win a date with her
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Questions are:
1. Whats her real name?
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Complex - Young Jeezy X ESPO - Collector’s Issue

Hellz Bellz Fall 2009 “Midnight Riders” Collection

Look out for the collection at stockists including Karmaloop, Revolve Clothing and 80’s Purple very soon!

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Aubrey O'Day: This Is What My Body Looks Like..Naturally

Ricky Ross got robbed by some strippers

Plies "Becky"

Drake "Forever" ft Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem

Dynasty TV - Jessenia Vice [Photoshoot]

Hot Tattoo!!!

Sex Position of the Day

The Erotic Accordion

Your lover lies on his back and lifts his knees toward his chest. Facing him, you squat down and straddle his legs so your thighs are hugging his. Lower yourself onto his penis — the closer he draws his knees to his chest, the better access you'll have to his main accessory. Bend at your knees and move yourself up and down.