Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind[pt.2]"

Negro Flow "Estoy Aqui" Available On Itunes for 99 cent

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Timbaland ft. Drake "Say Something"[preview]

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

50 does 156k The First Week....I Guess Numbers Dont Lie

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50 comes in at #4 on the charts

Rihanna GoodMorning America Peformance

Rihanna Signing Autographs In The City

The Clipse Talk "Til The Casket Drops"

Pop Up Office

Walmart Daily

Nicki Minaj Photoshoot for Right On! Mag

BlakRoc Trailer

FML Daily

Today, my boyfriend called me to come over because we "needed to talk." Going down the stairs, I tripped and fell. I woke up from unconsciousness with a hurting leg and my boyfriend standing over me. Just as I was about to smile and ask for a kiss, he said, "Maybe we should take a break" and left. FML