Texting Lane

We are all guilty for texting while walking. Utah Valley University has come up with an idea for all of their texting students. They have sectioned off a staircase within the University for walkers, runners and yup you guessed it.... texters. The school's creative director Matt Bambrough says that most of the students do not follow the paths but still, what a creative idea!


Although a lot of us steal our lover's hoodies to get that oversized look, it's still nice to have the option to go out and buy some. Take a look at a few selections from ASOS

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Super Mario Bros. Themed Apartment

Available for short term rental from Airbnb, is this Super Mario Brother's themed apartment in Tokyo. 

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Hair Crushin'

Meet CurlyEdgy. I have been following her on IG for a while and her hair is greatness. She gives great hair tips ladies. 

Be sure to follow her on Insta: @curly.edgy
check out her site: www.CurlyEdgy.com 
subscribe to her YouTube chanel: curly edgy

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bkr For The Thirsty

Whether you are going to the gym, the office, out for a jog or even at home, these glass water bottle protected by their silicone covers are the cutest little things to carry around. These bottle come in Teeny (250 ML), Little (500 ML) and Big (1 Liter). Check out more styles and colors after the jump along with bkr's story.

Amazing Spine Tattoos

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