Prodigy On NBC’s NY Nightly News

Temporary Lip Tattoos

Instead of applying lip gloss or lipstick, Violent Lips has come up with lip tattoos. The collection features unique patterns such as rainbow, cheetah print, and red and black fishnet stockings footage after the jump...

Fontable by Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli

The Fontable, designed by Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli is a new concept featuring letters A-Z in lower and uppercase as well as the numbers 0-9. Each table is made from a single sheet of steel in white, black or red. The adjustable legs are anodized aluminum.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Ace Hood ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne "Hustle Hard Remix" [official video]

Thats Crazy... Watch What The Officer Does To A 15 Year old girl Fighting Her Mom

Censorship Sunglasses

Embarrassing Photo Protective Sunglasses
"Sick of all those embarrassing photos on the internet? Worried a paparazzo took a shot of you doing that thing you do that nobody knows about, because it would get you fired, arrested or worse? You have 2 solutions: 1. Stop doing that thing; or 2: Get a pair of these face-blocking shades. We both know you're picking the latter, so continue to have your fun, and stop worrying about that possible call from your boss, parents or the police. "

Wiz Khalifa "Roll Up" | Jimmy Kimmel Live Peformance

Amber Rose for King Magazine

What do you think is the perception of Amber Rose?

I spoke to people, asking why do I constantly get ridiculed. Is it because I was a stripper?

Well that doesn’t help that perception much.

But they said, “No, people don’t care about that, it’s that they think that you’re with all these men, when you’re not.” I’m only taking that from certain people that I spoke to. Maybe it’s that too, or that I’m very comfortable with my body. I can be topless on Miami Beach, that doesn’t make me a whore. That’s an everyday thing on Miami Beach. It’s just such a big deal because I’m in the public eye.

If you’re cognizant of these things, why go from one public relationship into another one with Wiz Khalifa?

Let’s put it like this, I promised myself that I would never in my life ever again deal with a man in the music industry…ever!

Beach Bum 2011 | #9

Fresh Daily's @Brian_Wood_ Concept Shop "AstralDance"



f you’ve got iEverything Else in your home, perhaps it’s time you announced the fact to your visitors, by declaring your love for Apple products in doormat form.

Here it is: the “Fußmatte Slide to unlock” doormat, available from this German website for about 20 Euros, which comes to $28 dollars. Plus shipping, obv.

NBA's Top 5 Plays for May 10th | The Playoffs

Joe Budden Interview w| The Breakfast Club [video]

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