Pusha T Confirms Signing To G.O.O.D. Music

Lanvin for H&M Interviews

Following several announcements made throughout the past couple of weeks, H&M present a series of videos that speak of the chain’s upcoming collaboration with Lanvin. Featured in the video’s is Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz, who covers a wide range of subjects, including his take on collaborations and what scares him the most. Look for the collection to be fully unveiled on November 2nd, followed by a launch November 23rd, 2010.

Hip Hop Manager Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond Outed As A Snitch By NY Daily News

In the rap world, "stop snitching" is a powerful mantra - and the star known as The Game is one of its most popular proponents.

But the New York man who manages Game and other hip-hop heavyweights - Jimmy (Henchman) Rosemond - is named as an informer in court records, the Daily News has learned.

Rosemond has given information at least three times to state and federal law enforcement officials since the mid-1990s, documents reveal.

One of Rosemond's former lawyers even cited his repeated cooperation with the authorities in asking for leniency in a Los Angeles gun case.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Rumor: Second-Gen iPad With FaceTime To Debut Before The Holidays

With few exceptions, the best way to predict what Apple is going to do is to look at what they’ve already done, which is why it’s best to take this rumor reported by Apple Insider with a grain of salt: they claim a FaceTime-equipped iPad will be coming in time for the holidays.

Apple Insider, on their part, realize that that their source — “a person with proven knowledge of Apple’s future product plans” — is giving them insider intel that defies Apple’s history of yearly generational cycles in their iPod and iOS line-up, but claim nonetheless that “there [is] an ambitious push inside Apple to verify the refresh for a possible launch ahead of this year’s holiday shopping season,” and that the testing of the FaceTime-equipped iPad has already reached the advanced testing stage.

That the next iPad will boast at least a forward facing camera for FaceTime calling is a given… but releasing it less than a year after the first iPad seems like an invitation for customer backlash.

Perhaps recognizing this, Apple Insider’s report ends up contradicting itself later, on, saying that the FaceTime-equipped iPad will arrive “no later” than the first quarter of 2011. Given that the first quarter ends in March, that’s close enough to a year after the iPad’s debut that it seems unlikely that Apple will meaningfully break their historic product cycle for a second-gen iPad, no matter how much they want FaceTime to be the de facto standard for video calling. CultOfMac

Beach Bum pt.25 | Summer's Ending Edition 5 of 5

its been fun.

New Music: @VladysKnight "Silver Platter Confessions"

vladdy drops some words over the Devil In A New Dress inst.

She's SuperBad

Kanye West ft. Pusha T "Runaway" [live]

Zacuto's Z-Grip iPhone Cinema Kit

MTV 2010 VMA's: Kanye West ft. Pusha T "Runaway"

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