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Phillip Lim Fringed Wool Blend Shorts

Phillip Lim gives a summer classic an urban update with these buff chiffon and wool-blend grommet fringed micro shorts. Wear them with a pretty pastel blouse and platforms for directional summer style.


Trench Dress?? Oh Yes It Is

This Khaki Trench Dress is something you'd question, but once you take a look at it your amazed. Loves it!

Tom Binns Safety Pin Bracelet

Infuse every outfit with punk spirit with Tom Binns' oxidised silver-plated Swarovski crystal-embellished safety pin bracelet.

Dunhill iPad Case

Coming in Spring 2011 is this Dunhill iPad Case. The cover is printed with a letter addressed to ‘alfred dunhill’, along with 2 blue lines to look like the letter’s been strapped in

Heart Attack Necklaces

These one-of-a-kind necklaces feature a grouping of about 4 different love-themed pendants, all hanging on a vintage gold-plated ring that is studded with a rhinestone. The charms will vary in color, size & shape but we will make sure that you receive the one you're meant to.

Goat Horn Bookends

Sign your immaculate taste with homewares and decorative objects by Marcelo Lucini. Based in Buenos Aires, the designer juxtaposes sleek shine and glamour with naturally-shed and gathered organic materials, such as animal bone. Pieces that project both a love of modernity and a passion for the hand-crafted and authentic are your exclusive reward.

French Nude Lace Mini Dress

A nude lace overlay transforms A.L.C.'s stretch-cotton mini dress into a romantic cocktail choice. Add patent pumps and high-shine gold jewelry for a glossy finish.


You gotta give it to Kanye for consistently tapping visionaries to collaborate with. Marco Brambilla is amazing

Some notes from the upcoming video (out in August):
•Kanye in an orgy of decadence and destruction with mostly-nude models including Diandra Forrest, Jessica White, and Irina Shayk.
•Inspired by Michelangelo’s frescos in the Sistine Chapel
•Nihilism is part of the message

World's Coolest Bathrooms

Unannounced BlackBerry Bold 9780 and OS 6.0 Shown Off In Video

Driphter.com's back with another leaked BlackBerry video, this time the Bold 9780 that we've been hearing so much about. It'll be one of the first to ship with OS 6.0, and could be why RIM's holding an event next week.


Mike Tyson gave a candid interview for Sports Illustrated‘s annual, Where Are They Now issue. The magazine’s on newsstands now, but SI already threw up a couple excerpts. Read a couple below.

#WIFIH New Video: @TroyAve "New Music Cartel"


Well folks..its back! Jersey Shore in Miami bitchhh. I must admit as a proud Sicilian myself, I never wanted to watch the show..but after watchin a few episodes last season, I realized the show was hysterical and not as stereotypical as I had anticipated. Besides, half of them are some type of hispanic anyway. I've seen much worse out there in real life ...

Exhibit A:

So I've welcomed these fist pumpin animals into my home every week and oh, how they've touched my soul lmao. Tonight the first episode of the new season in Miami aired and some things have changed.....

Angelina and her "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island "ass is back. She apparently kept in touch with Pauly D (who she fucked as well) & Mike "The Situation" after last season and was invited to come back by them... unbeknownst to the rest of the cast. They weren't too thrilled to say the least.She is also newly single and didn't fail to mention to Pauly & Mike that they could ride a train on her. J Woww showed her excitement by callin her out in a cab they were riding in. Angelina sat there and took it like a pussy. I'm seeing some packed garbage bags in your future honey.

Sorry sweetie ...not even close.

Poughkeepsies' own princess Snooki is back in full affect and she "stopped snookin for love" because she met the "hot gorilla juicehead" of her dreams.

She claims she doesn't want to cheat. But, future previews tell us she gives that over-tanned taco to the least guido-ish guy in the house...Vinny. Not to be outdone, Angelina apparently fucks him as well. Which leads to a good ol' guidette cat fight between Snooki and herself. I hope Snooki took some boxing lessons this time. Who woulda thought Vinny would become such the ladies man??

Sammi "the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet" comes back to us a single woman. Apparently things with Ronnie didn't work out and it looks like it was her fault. She claims she still loves him but he seems to be over her or at least trying to be. She also lost some weight...which I dont understand why..she had some nice thick legs. Things look like they might patch up between her and Ronnie but this time around, Ronnie is doing him as well.

Speaking of Ronnie, this meathead gets completely wasted off his own Ron -Ron juice and starts sharing some obvious pent up feelings he's been keeping towards Sammi. He calls her a cunt & spends the rest of the night as "Captain Smush" hooking up with "grenades". Not to mention his dance moves are off the hook *serious face*.

The GTL ( gym/tan/laundry) duo, Pauly D & Mike "the situation" are back as well. After a little bump in their road trip they arrive no different from when they left. Pauly D aka DJ Pauly D "don't get it twisted" had to get out of his native Rhode Island because you clearly "can't creep in this weather". These boys plan on having their fun while dodging "grenades & landmines" that's fat messes and skinny messes ..FYI

And last, but certainly not least. J Woww and her bedazzled booty shorts wearing self is back and shes ready to go. She ditched the blonde extensions and went full brunette. Nothing else seems to be different.. she still loves to eat coldcut slices of ham after an exhausting night of straddling strange juiceheads whilst making sure her 4 lane highway clevage is out there for the world to see.

So yes, I shall be dvr'ing the fuck out of the Jersey Shore for yet another season. I'm sure it wont disappoint.

Until we fist pump again.....Ciao