T-Mobile Gets iPhone But How Much Does It Save You Over 2 yrs

While there’s no denying that T-Mobile’s new plans are the cheapest around, it’s not the slam-dunk the carrier would have you believe. For a couple of two, it’s about $4,000 for shared data on Verizon and AT&T, or the same price with unlimited data on T-Mobile. You’ll just have to decide what matters to you more — both Verizon and AT&T have much larger LTE networks right now, but you’re stuck in a two-year deal with no real affordable upgrade options, while T-Mobile offers you the promise of being able to escape if you need to or try another phone if you want to. Of course, you’ll need to pay up before you do so — T-Mobile customers have to make up the difference between what they’ve paid so far and their old phone’s retail value if they want to try a new device. 9to5mac

#PJForThePainPMCmix & #DoYouPMCmix | @PhillztheMC

a few freestyles from the kid Phillz the MC and word is "It's Time" produced by Cardiak off Phillz next project dropping next week.


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