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@prosice and I (@wifeofprosice) wanted to get matching tats that were different but yet meaningful. So we decided on signatures. I have his on my wrist and he has mine on his wrist.

Strut Your Stuff

Say goodbye to sandals and opened toed shoes and hello to Mr. Christian Louboutin's Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots. The straps kind of remind me of a stray jacket but the look is soooo sexy.

  • Self-covered heel, 4¾"
  • Platform, 1" (25mm)
  • Shaft, 2"
  • Leg circumference, 9"
  • Back zip closure
  • Leather lining
  • Signature red leather sole
  • Made in Italy

  • Fashion For The Cold

    Winter is not too far away. Ladies we need gloves and we need to wear em with some style. These Miu Miu Cropped Leather Gloves can be placed on my hands anytime. Very fashionable for a cold winter day, wouldn't you agree?

    Throwback Stack "Temper Temper"

    Maptor on the go Gps the size of a battery...

    more on it [here]

    Caulfield Preparatory

    Hot Tattoo!!!

    Steam BioMech Sleeve

    Nicki Minaj- Itty Biggy Piggy

    Nipsey Hussle and French Montana in the studio

    Jay-Z -Fusetv promo

    Hot Mirror Pic!!!

    Sex Position of the Day

    You lie faceup on a desk or tabletop with your hips perched on the very edge. Raise your legs to an eye-popping 90-degree angle, then have your guy grab your ankles. He extends his arms out to his sides, and as your legs are spread-eagle, he enters you while standing. Next, he starts alternately crossing and spreading your legs like scissors, opening and closing as he thrusts.