Feather Drops

Jeeyun Ha Designs brings us Feather Drop Earrings. You can wear both or for an edgy look, wear one.

Beach House Shades At OAK

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Straw + Plastic

These Whimsical Waist Baskets are designed by Cordula Kehrer. I love the whole look of these baskets. I never thought straw and plastic would look so good.

3 Piece Work Of Art

Quill Hair Pin

This unique antiqued silver Feather shaped bobby pin is a big help on bad hair days, and a great way to add a little vintage charm to any outfit.

* 2" Long, 0.5" Tall

Versace Collaborates With H&M

The latest high fashion collaboration has been announced by H&M today. The big discount brand will be working with Versace on a womens, mens and for the first time in a H&M collabo a home collection for Autumn/Winter 2011. The collaborative collection will hit 300 H&M stores, starting November 17th and will also be available online. In addition, Donatella Versace has also designed a pre-spring collection for H&M which will be exclusively available only in the countries with H&M on-line sales from January 19, 2012. I love that H&M ventures into the high fashion world every year and completely astonishes with every collection.

Hot Tattoo!!!

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Stalley ft. Rashad - Summer In America

Lingerie As Outerwear?

Is this new trend a yay or nay? Read to see what FABSUGAR thinks.

David Garibaldi paints B.I.G [BTS]

Glamour Says: Hooking Up- A Sexy And Competitive Way To Get Things Cooking Tonight

Happy first day of summer, sweet things! Here’s a fun little sex tip to help you and your boyfriend celebrate the hot season in style.

Tonight get a little competitive with your boyfriend. See who can undress themselves the fastest. The first to completely strip down gets to pick which position or sexual activity you two start off with.

#TittyTuesday | NSFW

Take Your Pick

Back To The 70's

This 70's Clear Case Watch is an eye pleaser. It has the old, big, bold...... well 70's look to it. I love love love it.

COMME des GARCONS Embossed Stitch Wallets

COMME des GARCONS release a new series of wallets from the brand’s Embossed Stitch collection. Made from genuine leather and crafted in Spain, these wallets are the epitome of quality leather goods. With availability in various sizes and colors, they can now be purchased through the HAVEN Edmonton store as well as the retailer’s online shop. HB

"I'm Gone" @Officialproper ft. Danari

Mini Donut Maker

You ever tried to make donuts? It's almost impossible. Seriously, you're better off just making toast or something. Leave donuts to the professionals. Or you could buy this sweet mini donut maker. It takes almost no time to cook up six wonderful little donuts. Put on some icing, sprinkles, whatever, and you can finally feel alive. Please make sure to read the instructions first. This thing is easy to use, but safety is important. This also makes a dreamy gift for newlyweds! Donut maker measures approx. 10"x7.5"x4". Donuts are 2" in diameter.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Louboutin Fall/Winter 2011 by Peter Lippman

All great things come in a pair and in this case I'm talking about Christian Louboutin and photographer Peter Lippman. Lippmans photographs are reenactments of 15th century Renaissance portraits that incorporate Louboutin's Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Tyga ft. Pharrell - First Time [Video]

Tyga's been gone for a bit but he's back for the Summer bringing this laid back collabo with Pharrell. Definite cruisin' music.

Jumpsuit Fever

Jumpsuits, in my opinion, are the most cutest & comfiest piece of clothing to wear. These designs at Pixie Market, are def at the top of my list. To see more just click here.

Rick Ross Live In London

Labyrinth Aquarium

Give your fishy friends something to do other than just glub around with the Labyrinth Aquarium ($5,500-$6,500). Made from Lucite, this six-globe aquarium is designed for tropical fish, and includes silk plants, three lights, filters, air pumps, and cleaning equipment, as well as an optional dedicated table in cherry, black, or carbon fiber