The making Of The Blueprint 3 cover

Avalanche Necklace

Fluid Faucet

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Nas....1 smart man

Nas and kelis at the opening of GALA at the Hair Rules New York salon last night via TheYBF.com
if my BM was to hit me for those numbers id do the sameeeee thing lol

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

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Chris Brown putting in that Work lo0ol

Amber Rose in Elle Mag Spread

Kanye Calls Taylor Swift...

During an appearance on talk show The View on Tuesday, Swift admitted she was crushed by his behaviour at the prizegiving and was still waiting to receive a personal apology from West. She said, "My overall thought process went something like, wow, I can't believe I won... don't trip and fall. I'm gonna thank the fans, this is so cool... Oh, Kanye West is here, cool haircut... what are you doing there? Then ouch, and, I guess I'm not gonna get to thank the fans... Sure (I would meet with him). He has not personally reached out or anything, if he wanted to say, 'Hi'."

West phoned Swift and personally apologised for his behaviour after the interview aired, and the country star graciously accepted. Before the apology, Swift credited the overwhelming support she received from celebrity friends and fans in the aftermath of the shocking incident with helping her to regain her composure: "I'm not gonna say that I wasn't rattled by it but I had to perform five minutes later so I had to get myself back to a place where I could perform.

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