iMani Done By @AmandaPLPT

This manicure is dedicated to Steve Jobs. May he Rest In Peace.

For more looks and booking info go to www.PaintedLipsPolishedTips.com

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

J. Cole "Cole World" | "Work Out" [live on jimmy kimmel]

Rick Ross Releases 2 Songs Off "GOD Forgives, I Don't" in NYC [video]

Young Jeezy "Chickens No Flour" [official video]

Armani Short Film Featuring Rihanna [video]

Emporio Armani‘s new spokesmodel, Rihanna makes things hot in a new short film for the company.
In the clip, the newly blonde singer slips into the backseat of a car for a quick change. She strips down to her underwear before slipping into a skintight pair of jeans and a black leather jacket.

The iPhone 4S’ Camera Is So Good It’s Almost Like Having A DSLR In Your Pocket

While there’s a lot more to a camera’s quality than megapixels, Apple’s initial batch of images taken with the iPhone 4S’ backlit 8MP camera are impressive. Really impressive.

Here’s the caveat, though: these are all images taken by professionals using absolutely perfect light conditions, likely with tripods. The pictures you take with your iPhone 4S in a pitch black club after you’ve had one too many cups of Ciroc are likely to vary wildly.

Check out Apple’s incredible photos below.

Twister Bed Sheets

I need these in my life.

Fabolous - Riesling and Rolling Papers [trailer]

Versace for H&M in ELLE UK

Lindsey Wixson poses in Versace for H&M in the november 2011 issue of ELLE UK


Morning Cakery

FML Daily

Today, I got a text from someone I've been avoiding saying, "Can I come visit you today?" I replied, "No, sorry, I'm not home." They then replied "Then who is that in your living room?" FML