A$AP Rocky "Out Of This World"

Listen And Download "Out Of This World" Here

Hot Living!!!

Time To Try A New Sport

Tan Lines

Trick Shot Battle | Basketball vs. Frisbee

Side Table

Ben - side table from mischer’traxler

Stussy x Creepy Magazine Capsule Collection

Stussy and Creepy Magazine show off a small capsule collection featuring some Creepy art.


Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Frank Ocean ft. Twista - Thinking About You [Remix]

It’s rapid fire tiiiiime! Twista jumps on Frank Ocean’s new single and does what he does best.

Freeway - Turn It Up

Freeway flows well over a solid Bink! beat on ‘Turn It Up’. No word on where this will appear but lookout for Free's new album 'Diamond In The Ruff' and mixtape 'The Intermission' coming soon.

Wiz Khalifa - You Gonna Love Me

This is an unreleased track all the way back from 2004, when Wiz was still on his G shit. It’s obvious he drew a lot of his early inspiration from Dipset’s Juelz Santana.

Maino - That Could Be Us

Brand new single off Maino's upcoming album 'Day After Tomorrow' album which is said to release on November 22nd. I have to say I like the flow of this.

'Find My Friends' iPhone App Exposes A Cheating Wife's Location

Find My Friends,” unlike the rather useful-after-a-night-of-drinking “Find My iPhone,” is a rather creepy app that’s been launched with iOS 5. Ideally meant to track whether your kids came home from school or paid a visit to the local weed dealer, it more broadly lets you send requests to your friends so that you can map where they are at all times. It's awkward any way you look at it.

Yet, one user may have justified spying with the app. A certain “ThomasMetz” told MacRumors he bought his wife a new iPhone 4S, loaded up the spy app, and tracked her movements. Suspicious of potentially infidelity, he received a text from his wife saying she was in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. “Find My Friends” said she was in the Upper East Side. Oh snap!

Now, the husband plans to divorce. However, spying with the iPhone is legally in the grey, so it could ultimately work against him. No luck for that guy.

Dom Kennedy Interview w| Bootleg Kev [video]

Dom talks about the internet helping out his career, the transition to getting paid off music, working with Too $hort and more.

Apple Is Selling Almost 1,000 iPhone 4S's/minute

Shawn Blanc (via The Next Web) calculated yesterday morning that Apple is selling 16 iPhone 4Ss a second, or roughly 1,000 a minute. Blanc’s figuring comes after Apple announced yesterday morning that there were 4 million iPhone 4Ss sold its opening three-day weekend. Figures are also expected to expand as the iPhone 4S is introduced in 22 more countries on the 24th.

Reaching this milestone, Apple is on tract to pass Microsoft’s Kinect as the fastest selling consumer device of all time. Microsoft sold 8 million Kinects in the first 60 days, a number Apple could theoretically pass in the first two weeks.

iPad Robbery Caught On Tape

Meek Mill & Wale Repond To Beef Rumor

Morning Cakery

FML Daily

Today, a customer brought her kids into the store where I work. I like to make people laugh so being my usual joking self I kidded "Why aren't those kids in school?". She didn't laugh when she said that their house burned down the night before and the kids had no clothes to wear to school. FML

Woman Beat With Pipe By McDonald's Cashier Faces Permanent Brain Damage, Mother Claims

Still frame from video showing incident at McDonald's on West 3rd St. in Greenwich Village...

so whos wrong, whos right? Micky D's cashier brawls with two women over $50
A young woman bludgeoned by an ex-con McDonald's cashier during an argument could have permanent brain damage, her angry mother said Monday.

Denise Darbeau, 24, has been hospitalized since Thursday's violent clash in Greenwich Village, and her prognosis is unclear.