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Born To Use Mics | Reading Nas's ILLMATIC

The best and brightest writers of the hip-hop generation reflect upon the era's landmark album: Nas's Illmatic.

From the moment then nineteen-year-old Nasir "Nas" Jones began recording tracks for his debut album the hip-hop world was forever changed. Released in 1994, Illmatic, was hailed as a masterpiece and is one of the most influentialalbums in hip-hop history. In Born to Use Mics, Michael Eric Dyson and Sohail Daulatzai have brought together the brightest minds to reflect upon and engage one of the most incisive sets of songs ever laid down on wax.

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NY Yankees Wool/Leather 1952 Commemorative Jacket (Worn By Jay-Z in Game 2)

Model Of The Week Amanda Martinez

Height:5' 2"
Weight:88 lbs
Shoe size:5
Hair color:Brown
Hair length:Long
Eye color:Brown
Skin color:Tanned
Compensation:Depends on Assignment

I am a Dancer a Model & a Dreamer.

Most times, the direction our hearts pull us, there our feet follow, and depending on how intense the response, the pace at which we move correlates directly to how we feel. When we get excited, we speed up. When we get discouraged, we slow down. For every emotion; good, bad or indifferent, we move as we deem necessary. Take aspiration and inspiration, for example. Think of these two as the fundamental sources that will us either draw us nearto or away from what we are most interested in.

In the case of Brooklyn, NY native and also Model/Dancer Amanda Martinez , what matters a great deal and motivates her to succeed is the combination of the direction her heart pulls her and the way her feet move in response to that energy. So far steps have lead her in such a way that not only does Amanda M. dance but she also models as well. Interestingly enough, her smooth moves have captured the eye of many a photographer although the intention of the camera was to capture her. With so much ahead of her and opportunity merely a move away it is not difficult to see what make Amanda Martinez so special. Written By http://www.whybluematters.blogspot.com/
Check Amanda Martinez Out In these Music Videos Dancing!!

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The Kid Daytona's "Fly Shit" Music video

**Lighter "I'm Cute You Ugly" Music Video**

**Ekayani "Here's The Light" Music Video**


**MasterWorks Web Commerical**

Coke Cola Culture Of Me Interview:Part 1

Coke Cola Culture Of Me Interview:Part 2

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Every Untrusting Girlfriends Dream Tool

The Next Room Eavesdropping Device($62) looks a bit like the business end of a stethoscope, but uses an electronic internal sound amplifier to boost the noises coming through a wall, door, window and even steel plates. It includes a set of a set of headphones, built-in rechargeable battery charge via USB, ON/OFF Switch Button with volume Dial.

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Dancing weatherman lo0ol

Robin Thicke ft. Jay-Z "Meiplé"

Drake Does A Verse From Thank Me Later