Make Your Own Cannabutter (Marijuana-Infused Butter)

The Denver Post shows seven steps [in pictures] on making your own cannabutter for baking, cooking and more. from boiling to cooling follow these steps and you can enjoy your food and treats that much more. the stronger the weed the stronger the butter. 

Conflik - Y.R.N.E. (freestyle) [video]

@Conflik releases the @Tomikene directed "Y.R.N.E." freestyle video. #LoudER!

Jeremy Lin To Leave Nike For Adidas

Jeremy Lin pulls a Kanye West and the Houston Rockets star signs deal w| adidas. no official word has been released, sources say an announcement will come on friday.

her Curves.

Wiz Khalifa Talks Taylor Gang, Fashion & More w| @BRealTV

the leader of the Taylor's Wiz Khalifa chops it up with BREAL.TV about his new artist Courtney Noelle, fashion and his love of Kush.

Staircase Storage

Rick Ross "Mastermind" Sessions vol. 1 + 2 [video]

behind the scenes look into Rick Ross next studio album "Mastermind"

MONE - Holy Water

@CallMeMone releases something new for the streets "Holy Water". make sure to visit CallMeMONE.com

Thats Crazy... Teen Throws Boiling Water On Girl For Unfriending Him On Facebook

A spurned teen took revenge on a girl by burning her face with boiling water after she unfriended him on Facebook, according to police in India.

 The Independent reports that the boy, from Bihar state in northern India, came to the 15-year-old victim's house on Wednesday and said he had left his I.D. in the home. He then allegedly shoved the girl's mother aside and poured water on the victim's face.

 The Times of India reported that the girl was taken to a hospital where she's being treated for burns to 20 percent of her face including her right cheek and right side of her neck.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

AllThatVal - Sound of Love [dance video]

@AllThatVal releases her latest dance video "Sound Of Love" directed by @WhichSam

Top 10 Plays 1.3.2014 | NBA Highlights [video]