Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Has Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Two chemicals considered harmful to babies remain in Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo sold in the U.S., even though the company already makes versions without them, according to a coalition of health and environmental groups.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has unsuccessfully been urging the world's largest health care company for 2 1/2 years to remove the trace amounts of potentially cancer-causing chemicals – dioxane and a substance called quaternium-15 that releases formaldehyde – from Johnson's Baby Shampoo, one of its signature products.

A$AP Rocky Live Freestyle On Shade 45 w| DJ Kayslay

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Turn Your Brown Eyes Blue

You might have tried colored contacts or even just given up on the idea, but now all that can change! California-based optometrist Gregg Homer, O.D., has been researching a laser technique for the past 10 years that will permanently change brown eyes to blue. "The laser is tuned to a specific frequency to remove the pigment from the surface of the iris," said Dr. Homer to KTLA.com. "When the laser energy is absorbed by the body the pigment tissue changes and the body sheds the altered tissue." Thus exposing the blue colored iris that's underneath the brown pigment. The process itself takes around 20 seconds, but it will take two to three weeks for the eyes to change color completely.

While the procedure still has one more year of research before it's completed it should be available in the U.S. in three years, and will cost around $5,000. So, Beauties, would you spend that much money on getting blue eyes, or stick with what you already have?

Glass House Off The River


Masturbation Notice At UMASS

niggas gotta chill over there.

Sour Flower

Hot Mirror Pic!!!


Wiz Khalifa On ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’ [video]

MTV FIrst Date w| Mac Miller [video]

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Sharp Act

Be a magician in the kitchen with this awesome "Sharp Act" knife sharpener. Made to look like everyone's favorite illusion - a woman being sawed in half - even the dullest of task (sharpening dull knives) will be entertaining!
* 8.5" x 2.25" x 2.5"
* Plastic

Glamour Says: Sex Tip- Try Something New In Bed

Glamour Says:

Today’s sex tip is more of a challenge. This weekend, try something new in bed. We’ve all got our favorite foreplay order or preferred positions but this weekend, why not shake up your racy routine by trying a new trick on for size? If you need some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

Try a new position.

Have sex in your kitchen, dining room, garage…anywhere that’s not your bedroom.

Watch a spicy movie together to get into the mood.

Use toys in bed.

Don’t have toys? Use a scarf as a blindfold or as a way to tie one partner’s arms up.

Go commando in public to get yourselves in the mood.

Masturbate in front of your boyfriend.

The possibilities are endless!

Geometric Necklace

Faded silver necklace chain with geometric chevron charm. 16.5" long.

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FML Daily

Today, at the nail salon, a Korean woman was making fun of me. I kindly told her, in Korean, that I understood. She kindly told me, in English, that she didn't care. FML