Leila Shams 2011 LookBook

Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Hellz Bellz, Crooks & Castles and Black Scale Headphones by Collab Electronics

Debuting Holiday 2010, Collab Electronics will release its first series headphone collaborations with Hellz Bellz, Black Scale and Crooks & Castles. Each specifially designed headphone gives consumers a new way to represent for their favorite street wear brand. You can purchase the headphones at BigRAudio or Karmaloop

Half Of Hoody..... But Oh So Nice!

Rekiem grey knit hood cape with loose straps. Has decorative button tabs on sides. Wool knit and acrylic blend.

Breeze Mantana "You Only Live 2wice" Cover And Tracklisting

1.The Day After Tommorow (Prod. By Timeless)

2.Shots In The Dark (Prod. By Timeless)

3.Theme Music 2 Feat. Elus (Prod. By Ty Scripts)

4.Interstate Chronicles (Prod. By Marsie For Feel Good LLC)

5.Revolving Door(Prod. By Timeless)

6.In Your Dreams (Prod. By Marsie For Feel Good LLC)

7.Dots House (Skit)

8.Lost (Prod. By Timeless)

9.As The World Turns(Prod. By Ty Scripts)

10.Theme Music Pt.1 (Prod. Cardiak)

11.4 Ever Featuring Lure (Prod. Cardiak)

12.Promise You (Prod. Cardiak)

13.Return Address (Prod. The KingsMen)

14.Lindas Lastnight (Prod. By The KingsMen)

15.The Devils Square Dance(Prod. By Timeless)

16.Call Waiting (Prod. By A-Million)

17.MightMares (Prod. By The Hitman)

18.The Ville Street Blues (Prod. By Ty Scripts)

19.Hate Is Love(Prod. By Timeless)

Set For Release on 12/24/2010

Cool Cookies

Timbaland's Special Message

Timbo spreads holiday blessings, shows off his BIG ASS TREE, and announces his Timbo Thursdays starting in january

Heart 'N' Soul Clutch

With a hand-painted floral pattern, Judith Leiber's black and silver crystal-embellished heart-shaped clutch is a darkly romantic evening choice. Set this sparkling accessory against a one-shoulder shift and sky-high heels to steal the spotlight.

Audi A7 ad [video]

Gustavo Silvestre Autumn/Winter 2011

These designs are made from recycled and re-purposed materials. Click it.

Dominate Another Day - Tech Lab

Kevin Hart is a fool lo0ol

Life Calendar

Life Calendars is a series of a different calendars which highlights an aspect of life.

"How was your day?" is the first of the series. The 365 days are represented by an emoticon that you have to draw as the day has gone (very good, good, regular, bad, very bad).

Notice: This calendar is not for any specific year. You can start it when you want!

Best Buy offering free mobile hotspots with iPad purchase

Planning to pay Verizon an extra $130 for an iPad + MiFi 2200 bundle? Hold on a sec, because Best Buy's planning to give away hotspots free of charge when you purchase Apple's tablet. This advertisement, obtained by 9to5 Mac, does mention that you'll need to shackle yourself to a carrier for two years to qualify -- unlike Verizon's original arrangement -- but in exchange you get a free Verizon FiveSpot, AT&T MiFi, or perhaps most excitingly, a WiMax-capable Sprint Overdrive. Fine print in the lower-right hand corner suggests that the promo will begin immediately and run through January 2nd. What better way to spend your leftover Hanukkah gelt than on gigabytes of wireless data?

3 Winter Must Haves All In One

I am IN LOVE with these Teddy Bear Hat, Mitten And Scarf pieces. Very unique and toooooo cute to pass up.

Obama Likes

Glamour Says: Sex Tips- Relieve Some Holiday Tension With This Festive Move

The holidays, though wonderful, can be incredibly stressful. If you and your fellow are feeling a bit frazzled, give this sex tip a try.

Stop whatever holiday prep you’re up to and hit the hay together. In the middle of wrapping presents, drop your bows and scissors and suggest something along the lines of, “Want to fool around?” Or, while you two are getting ready to visit the folks, take a break from packing luggage for a sexy round of oral. Postponing a tedious—though necessary—holiday chore to squeeze in some adult fun will put a smile on both of your faces.

Swizz Beatz ft. Ace Hood "Hustle Hard" [prod. by Lex Luger]

Wiz Khalifa Performs New Song "Taylor Gang" [prod. by Lex Luger]

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

One Confused Man, G-Dep Now Claims He Didn't Realize He Was Confessing To Murder

Adding a bizarre twist to an already strange story, former Bad Boy artist G-Dep is now saying he didn’t know the man he confessed to shooting 17 years ago had actually died.

In an interview with the New York Post, the troubled rapper seems to hint that he thought he would be walking out of the precinct after the confession.

I was surprised, for some reason I didn’t think that he died. When they [police] told me I was like, ‘Oh I’m not going home after this,’” he said.

Phillz the MC "World Premier...Now Premiering" [mixtape]

@PhillztheMC along with @DJOnPoint present the highly anticipated & unique
sophomore installment entitled "World Premier...Now Premiering". Being a
"concept mixtape/freEP", its FIRST of its kind. It contains stylefrees on
top of the CLASSIC production of the legendary DJ PREMIER ONLY x the freEP.
released 26 November 2010

tracklisting and download link after the jump...

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