adidas Originals x Kanye West | YEEƵY Season 1 Lookbook

The infamous Amina Blue stars in the first of what I'm sure is many to come Yeezy x adidas apparel line lookbook.

Hot Tattoo!!!

2 Chainz & Big Sean Drink Diamond-Infused Vodka [video]

2 Chainz & Big Sean both try the very expensive $10,000 diamond infused martini.

P.S.- I Made This...

So there's this DIY website called P.S.- I Made This. I have become obsessed with it. This site allows you to take a look into what they see, like & make themselves. No, these are not those horrible looking DIY projects. These are soooo good! Instructional videos are provided for some as well. See more of their work after the jump...

Maxi Tee

I love a simple look. This Maxi Tee is perfect in all types of ways.

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Earl Sinclair From 'Dinosaurs' Performs Hypnotize by Biggie

The internet brings us such great things, ahhh! Excuse me while I revisit my childhood.

Video Mashup by YouTuber Benjamin Roberts.

FML Daily

Today, my mother walked in on me watching porn. As punishment, she sat down and made me watch the rest of it with her as she gave play-by-play commentary. FML

Peek-A-Boo Shoe

Who? What? Where? When? Why? 
WHY are my eyes being teased by such a beautiful sight?

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Coolest Pillow Cases

Tired of those plain jane pillow cases? Check these out.

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Top 10 Plays 3.11.2015 | NBA Highlights [video]