Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Feathers For Christmas

Get yours here.

No More Frames

Now this Crisscross Photo Clip is exactly what would add sum fun into your home. You can rotate it to whichever angle your heart desires.

Branch Ring

Noemi Klein two finger branch ring. 2" wide. Sterling Silver. Made in the UK

r.O.b. x Don Cannon Breakdown "Higher Learning"

r.O.b x Don Cannon speak about the influence of 90's music in today's game and let people know what to expect on "Higher Learning: The 90's Tape" Releasing 12.28.10

Google Earth Sky Diving

This project was part of Google's Demo Slam.
"All it takes to skydive on Google Earth is a projector, some blue tarps with clouds spray painted on, a suspension system, and a bunch of nutballs with giant fans and fire extinguishers to help set the mood. "

Kanye West ft. Cyhi Da Prince "Christmas In Harlem"

via YHTN

New Shit!!! @G_Riot "Last Semester" [mixtape]

Jumper + Chains...... Niceeeee

Knitted pale grey slouchy jumper with long sleeves, slash neck, ladders on front and back and chain embellishment on front. I love the entire piece. Different things always catch my eyes, and this is one of em.

10.Deep 2010 Holiday New Releases

The second delivery of 10.Deep’s Holiday 2010 collection hits stores this week,
including the brand’swebshop starting today.

Greenwich Apple Store robbed, tens of thousands of dollars in losses

CTNow reports that the Apple Store in Greenwich, Connecticut was the scene of a smash and grab robbery Tuesday morning. Five robbers were involved in the scheme (pictured above) and they are yet to be apprehended. According to the news report “computers and other electrical equipment” were stolen which an estimated loss amount of “tens of thousands of dollars.” The investigation is ongoing and if you know anything we recommend contacted the local authorities. Apple Stores have been the scene of robberies in the last few months with robberies taking place in Dallas, San Diego, and Pittsburgh. 9to5mac

Drumstick Pencils

March to the beat of your own drummer, just by using your pencil. About 9" long. Enjoy!

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