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YG Gets Own Brand of Designer Weed

“YG OG” Is Out Of Stock At Califonia’s Favorite Marijuana Clinic

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 11, 2011) - In addition to scoring a #1 hit single “Toot it and Boot it,” criss-crossing the country on The Young and Hung...Over Tour with Universal Republic artist Bobby Brackins, launching his new single “Patty Cake” and gracing the cover of XXL’s coveted Freshman issue, Compton’s YG can now add to his list of recent accomplishments the creation of his own brand of weed--“YG OG.” After only one week since the release of his mixtape “Just Re’d Up” YG has landed his own marijuana brand

The new strand of weed is cultivated and sold exclusively at Green Aid, a medicinal marijuana dispensary in Orange County, California that specializes in a wide variety of weed and daily specials.

Green Aid manager, Brooks Johnson met YG a few months ago after a show in Anaheim via a promoter for the event, who happened to be a patient at his marijuana clinic. YG and the manager of Green Aid hit if off and quickly came up with the idea to develop a strand of weed that would suit the lifestyle and tastes of the Def Jam recording artist. The Compton rapper is still in awe of the creation, “Having my own weed makes me feel like the muthafuckin man,” smiles YG.
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Green Aid, located at 1808 W. Lincoln Ave., Suite 100, Anaheim, California offers over 35 strains including designer weed like the Charlie Sheen OG, Michael Phelps OG, not to mention lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies and butter cakes. YG OG, however, is exclusive to Green Aid and might be the best of the other 30 strands they carry because, to put it in YG’s words,“It gets you higher than every other weed.” To see a fell menu visit www.weedmaps.com

“As soon as we featured the new YG OG medicine it became an overnight demand amongst our patients,” says Johnson. Although YG OG is out of stock right now, it’ll be back on Green Aid shelves in two weeks. To try the newest strand a patient must medically qualified and a resident of California and licensed by the state.