Bria Myles Atlanta Dymes Photo Shoot

Raekwon "Flawless Crowns"

Can We Say Drunk???

in this video @prosice @iamcrumbs and Luis

Happy St. Patricks Day From WIFIH

a little late but just sending out the WIFIH love to everybody drinking tonight, lets not odee people lol stay safe and thats Jayonna Fabro in the picture by the way.

J.Cole Talks Ghostwriting, “Uncle” Jay-Z and College Life

Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks [documentary]

In this in-depth documentary, Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks, the film focuses on Reggie’s ability to psychologically control the Knicks with his trash talking (choke sign to Spike Lee), along with his gut wrenching & clutch three pointers (particularly the 1994-1995 Playoffs).

He Stole The Wrong Man's Cookies

footage of a bum getting herbed up after stealing a dudes cookies
lo0ol shit is too funny

Most Talented Stripper Ever

shoutout to lil duval for catching this amazing footage lol 

Jumz Album Release/Video Party At Velour

FML Daily

Tuesday's Top 10 | NBA Highlights

Nicki Minaj Shoots "Massive Attack" Video With Drake And Amber Rose

"The song is called 'Massive Attack,' " she explained. "I'm excited for people to hear me ... doing more than one verse. It's really creative. Shout-out to [songwriter] Sean Garrett. I've always loved his style. He really kinda had a great idea of what I wanted to do. I wanted to be theatrical, but I am very serous about what I do. He was able to mesh that together and have a really fun but direct record, if that makes sense. ... This video, it's just, like, monsta. The video is a monsta."