her Curves.

Tyga ft. Cee Money "Faded" [official video]

directed by RD Jota & RD Mike. edited by @Sto0pidDumbShit

Listen And Download "Faded" Here

Rihanna Throwing Singles On Strippers

rihanna took time out of her schedule to make it rain in a nyc strip club in which meek mill performed at the same night.

Jim Jones - Vampire Life 2: F.E.A.S.T (The Last Supper)


Jimmy dropped the second installment for his Vampire Life mixtape series.

Listen & Download HERE!

WZRD "Teleport 2 Me" [behind the scenes]

Sensu Brush

This smart tool combines a rubber-tipped digital stylus with a capacitive paintbrush in a single, sleek, silver package that gives you all the feeling and responsiveness of a real brush without the mess. Sensu Brush

M3 - Willy Wonka Freestyle [Video]


 Produced by John Greene

Hello Brooklyn | Brooklyn Nets Commercial [video]

Morning Cakery

FML Daily

Today, I shot a paintball gun at a bees' nest. The bees flew through my neighbors' windows and, for lack of a better word, slaughtered them. An ambulance was called, and I feel like a total dick. FML