Dwyane Wade – Nightmares Never Sleep Commercial

RIM planning to announce new BlackBerry Bold with touchscreen and web-friendly OS?

The Blackberry Storm wasn’t so hot as the SurePresstouchscreen didn’t do very well. The Storm 2 seems to be doing a little better. But it looks like RIM has a new touchscreen device. The rumors are pointing to something along the lines of the Bold editions.

This one would have a full Query Keypad and incorporate a touch-sensitive landscape display. RIM also apparently intends to release a new web-friendly OS with this device. True or not, we will know soon.

Drake's Sprite Commercial [behind the scenes]

Ludacris ft. Nicki Minaj "My Chick Is Bad"

Kid Cudi On “How To Make It In America"

Introducing Louis Vuitton’s $2,000 Trash-Bag Purse

Louis Vuitton makes handbags for spring that resemble trash bags with leather handles. The Raindrop Besace purses retail for $1,960 each. Refinery 29 reminds those interested in owning the bags of these words, spoken by DJ Pauly D: "And in walks this girl with like garbage bags. I thought that was kinda like ghetto, and like ... weird." We knew Jersey Shore style would catch on!!

[via nymag]

American Apparel’s Best Bottom Contest

American Apparel is currently running a contest. What’s it for you ask, well if the title didn’t give it away, they’re looking for the best looking booty in the world. The selected winner will be the new ehmm…”face” for their intimates lines.

The winner will get flown to Los Angeles to be photographed and feature online. How to enter you ask? All you need to do is send in a close-up photo of your ass wearing American Apparel panties, bodysuits or briefs, oh and you must be at least 18 to enter. Contest runs between Jan 28 – Feb 21.

Go to the contest page for more information. Oh and if you want to send us pictures of your booty, we also would not object to that =]

Rugby Ralph Lauren Spring Collection 2010 Lookbook

The 2010 NBA All Star Jerseys Will Look Like...

The 2010 NBA All-Star jerseys were inspired by the host city of Dallas and the symbolic Texas state flag. The star on the front of the jersey unites opposing east and west players forming one star when standing next to each other and the single star is divided into five pieces joining as one, representing five players on each team coming together.

Another nice tribute to the host city on these jerseys is the Dallas skyline pattern on the back.

Of course i got the west on this one, who you going for?

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