WIFIH Exclusive!!! @PheloNYC "light Up" [video]

Official The Hangover 2 [theatrical trailer]

#FattyFriday + 1 video

NBA's Top 5 Plays for March 31st

Breathtaking Medieval Building Turned Into Contemporary Living Space

Located in the core part of Girona’s medieval quarter and overlooking the Plaça de Sant Domènec, Spain, this is a property called Alemanys 5 within an original building dating back to the sixteenth century. The house has been recently renovated by architect Anna Noguera and has and incredible design which integrates old and new, integrates traditional and contemporary elements: “The new layout respects the logic of the structure to adapt it to the new functional requirements. On the ground floor, from the main door, the vestibule and small premises are accessed, on the first floor are a dwelling with an exit to courtyard and garden, and the second and third floors accommodate a duplex dwelling, with the night zone in the lower floor and the living room and kitchen in the upper floor to provide vistas and a roofed terrace. The project is organised around the two centrelines that structure the floor plan. The staircase has been shifted to place it next to the lift, in the interstitial space between the two directional lines of the centrelines. This space is configured as the hinge that generates the entire layout“.- stated Anna Noguera, architect of Alemanys 5. We are looking forward to your impressions about this diverse and unique project.

$18,000 iPod Nano Watch!

Well, Damn! Eighteen G's for a watch?!!I mean clearly you’re paying for the diamonds of course, but the price also reflects the precision with which the jewelers over at ZShock have manually put individual diamond pieces together to ice out the iPod. But again 18 G's? ... for a iPod...NANO non the less. Yeah, I personally aint with it but hey they're selling so it's obvious others are.

Morning Laughter... @iTr3vor Apple Store Dance To Rebecca Black's "Friday"

stumbled onto this video via tumblr last night and couldnt stop laughing. this kid has guts to pull something like this off at a Apple Store lo0ol. and if you've been under a rock in the last week or so you can view the official Rebecca Black "Friday" video here

Everything Must Go [movie trailer]

The Notorious B.I.G's son star's along side Will Ferrell in "Everything Must Go"

Keani Cochelle: Wings of Gold

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