A CLoser Look At KiD CuDi's 1 of 1 Custom Don C Snapback

Being a part of the G.O.O.D Music family sure has its perks,Kid  Cudi himself can vouch. If you haven’t being in the “know” lately, Kanye West’ right hand man, Don C, has been lacing his team with his JUST DON custom designed Snakeskin Snapback’s. Everyone from the likes of Ye’, Jay-Z, and Big Sean have been seen rocking one. And what did Don have in store for our homie Kid Cudi?? How about a custom 1 of 1 Cleveland Indian cap. The cap features an almost fire red python-skin brim and strap. via FS

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iPhone 5 Delayed Due To Overheating?

A new report has surfaced today suggesting that the iPhone 5 was not released this summer primarily because the A5 chip within was overheating, and resolving the issue pushed it’s release later into the year.

The story (from Chinese website Sohu.com) goes that Apple’s hardware team is having a difficult time keeping that dual-core chip appropriately cool in the very tiny cooling space that the iPhone’s body offers. The suggestion is that this has led Apple to delay the iPhone 5 launch for an unspecified period of time, possibly into 2012. For more on this story go here

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