Who Knocked Up Danger??

Danger, Danger, Danger....... For The Love of Ray J's Danger is PREGNANT. Hmmmm there are no sources as to who the father is. Is it because she does not want to share or is it simply because she doesn't know herself?? Tisk Tisk

The Chipshop; New Hot Spot??

With three locations in Brooklyn New York, The Chip Shop has become a known hot spot. This is not your ordinary restaurant. Some things they serve are fried chocolate bars (yes chocolate bars); such as Twix, Snickers and Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. Some other interesting servings are fried Twinkies and Deep Fried Pizza. You can visit www.chipshopnyc.com to see their interesting menu. I myself WILL be going to pay them a visit a.s.a.p.

Kim Goes Blonde

Only the beautiful Kim Kardashian can pull off going from a brunette to a blonde. Last night she revealed her new look at Fox's Teen Choice Awards 09. Let's face it, this sexy biotch can become a red head and still pull it off. She's just that sexy.

College Fight

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no need for words just know someone gets washed lol

Contemporary Door Handles designed by Philip Watts

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Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Seriously!!!! you too Keisha?

Damn Cassie gets the trendsetter award for this year because this is crazzzzzy. Ok it doesnt look bad on Cassie but when its seen on every chick in hollywood it takes away from the spark it started. Now this, whats next???

Business out in the open????

gotta love FaceBook lo0ol