Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Raekwon - Alphabet Soup

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T.I. Talks Working With Lady Gaga

Ludacris ft. Trey Songz "Sex Room" [official video]

“Suspicious Package” In SoHo

“Some prankster/artist playing on the recent spate of bogus bomb threats found around New York left a white bag with the words “suspisious package” and a bunch of question marks printed on it sitting on top of an electrical box on the corner of Prince and Broadway today. Signed “Samuel Mark”, the misspelled package failed to elicit even the faintest notice from passing tourists and New Yorkers.” -HP

T.I. ft. Keri Hilson "Got Your Back" [prod. by DJ Toomp]

Shoutout to Swizzy

yea this pregnancy looks official, congrats to Alicia and Swiss

#TittyTuesday | NSFW

Nas for Levi's Pioneer Sessions

Featured amongst 12 influential musicians in the world of Pop, Rock, Rap, and Soul, Nas kicks off Levi’s Pioneer Sessions Campaign with a cover of Slick Rick’s “Hey Young World”.

Man Makes A Real Iron Man Costume

Anthony Le, a fan of Iron Man, he has built his own Iron Man suit, with its dent-proof exterior, motorized faceplate and spinning mock Gatling gun, LEDs in the eyes...

Rihanna "Rockstar 101" [official video]

Rihanna "Rockstar 101"

Jamie Foxx Interviews T.I.

FML Daily

Watch!!! @BagstheBoss ft. @Prosice & @Jumz "Dont Let Go" [official video]