Air Jordan 7 Release Coming Soon!

These Air Jordan 7's are expected to be released July 21st, most definitely coping a pair. They're starting at $160.

A$AP Ant & Zombie Juice & Remy Banks 3FLIPS6

The BMW A$AP Ant whips is too fresh ... fire song to L cruise in, props to Juice & Remy Banks for killin it..peep the video and download.

New Music – Ab-Soul & Fashawn & One-2 - “Donnie Brasco” prod. By “Tabu_Beats

...."new track from Ab-Soul" should be enough but ok, Ab references a Johnny Depp classic called "Donnie Brasco." The beat does resemble the time era that the movie was shot in, mobster-gangster mashed with a 187-gangster feel..take a listen and you'll understand!!!

Waka Flocka ft. Soulja Boy – Ridin Around


This Soulja Boy & Flocka track has too much bass not to blast and the verses from both Soulja and Fozzie Bear due the beat justice (produced by Young Chop aka for all you who dont know he made "I Don't Like)..guaranteed to make your head nod and scream WHO WANT IT WHO WANT IT!!!!

Rick Ross – Hold Me Back

Earlier today, Ricky Waters released  cover art  to his new single “Hold Me Back” featured on his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don’t. Take a listen & download Rosay's new single. 

Kanye West & Pusha T - New God Flow

Cruel Summer is a bomb, slowly ticking, but inevitably will go BOOM once it drops (August 7th) but for now here's some new Pusha & Yeezy called "New God Flow

Wale, Meek Mill & French Montana Actin’ Up

MMG hard-hitters Wale&Meek team up with French (h-ahhh) and dropped a video to their track "Actin' Up"...video is dope but this beat goes hard..and to add to the post below..is this shots fired at Rihanna's ex-Breezy? #speculation

Is Meek Talking About Rihanna??

Meek Mill along with Nipsey Hussle and Sean Kingston put the message out that no man should be chasing the woman; just the cash. If this song dropped a few weeks before; Chris Brown, Drake, and Tony Parker might avoided some costly situations....  Hi Rihanna ..(Joe Budden voice)

Keyshia Cole ft. Lil Wayne – “Enough Of No Love”

Keyshia Cole dropped a new track off her 5th upcoming album Woman To Woman  featuring Weezy