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Tetris Sugar

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Waka Flocka "Bringing Gangsta Back" [official video]

Perfect Sounds

This is dope! Artist Sakura Koshimizu designed these custom made wedding bands with waveform of couple’s own voices. ”I do” Ring offers a unique way to own a timeless representation of your partner’s voice. Any words can be recorded to make a ring. Of course, rings aren't the only pieces you can have customized. Sakura also designs bracelets as well as sound wave art for your walls.
The "Bell" Bangle
"WOW" wall art
morning yawn

Cage The Elephant "Back Against The Wall" [official video]

Best Buy: White iPhone available from Feb. 27th

MacRumors reports that Best Buy’s inventory system is showing a White iPhone for delivery on February 27th. Also, White iPhones are showing up on Vodaphone in Europe and in Canada.

I’d wager that a majority of you have already made your iPhone 4 buying decisions but for those holding out for a White iPhone…there might actually be one coming. Maybe even on Verizon.

Brass And Pink Ribbon Cuff

Spice up your collection with this Giles & Brother piece. Also available in black ribbon.

Model Spotlight: Lia Viera

Height:5' 2"
Weight:109 lbs
Hair color:Brown
Hair length:Shoulder Length
Eye color:Black
Skin color:Brown
Shoot nudes:No
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Paid Assignments Only

Lia Viera... Born in the beautiful country of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, she moved to Renaissance City of Providence, RI in her youth. Now currently a full time college student studying Criminal Justice and minoring in Psychology, Lia is pursuing career of a successful lawyer. Although very early in her modeling career, she is very focused on it, and a amazingly talented poet. Her main interests start from fashion modeling all the way to swimwear with goals of pursuing commercial work.

#TittyTuesday + 1 video | NSFW

Hang Your Photos With A Hanger

Photo Hanger, designed by Juta Kan, 2007, is made with a thin steel wire shaped as a clip in the form of a miniature clothes hanger. Photo Hanger is designed to display photos, and favorite post cards. Have fun – hang them on a thin line of monofilament, as if on a clothes line, or on a push pin on a bulletin board. Photo Hanger is also useful in holding paper together. Photo Hanger is packed in a set of 7.

Snoop Dogg ft. Wiz Khalifa "That Good" [official video]

snoop and wiz the new cheech and chong haha #stonermusic.

Glamour Says: Sex Tips- A Super Racy Move

The next time you have sex, have your boyfriend lie on top. Before he enters, have him gently rub himself around your lovely lady parts before taking the full plunge, so to speak. Or you could take hold of his goods and guide him yourself. The sensation for both of you will be super intense. And the eventual payoff will be a total treat.


NBA's Top 10 Plays for January 17th

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