Rihanna's Vogue Mag Spread[Pics]

Canton - Fabrik -Erik Brunetti - Porter - 5P Slim Denim

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

a lil piece of Nicci


I wear high heels to be closer to God

So I guess my feet are holy

I move fast so keep up

You'll get lost if you step slowly

In not one to get lost in the crowd

Lost a few friends cause I'm too proud

But my pride won't keep me lonely

Yet no one can saw they own me

Nothings changed, I'm still the same

Just a better version of the old me

So, what do you have to offer?

When it comes to your autobiography

Are you the author?

Or is someone else writing your story?

They spill their guts and you take the glory.

Is that how u got all the shit u earned

Making up all those lessons you've learned

I always heard it was all right to borrow

Still I'm gonna lead before I follow

What u fail to understand

I'm blessed with the underhand

Not scared of any man

Yea im my biggest fan.