Papichy ft. Putwork - In The Hood [official video]

 @Papichy52 teams up w| @PUTWORK for the official video to the song they have together titled "In The Hood"

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

2 Chainz ft. French Montana - A-Rod [official video]

Getting High w| Russia's Spider-Man [video]

Kirill Oreshkin likes taking photographs. Selfies, landscapes, the usual stuff—except his shots are captured atop some of the world's tallest buildings.

 Once Oreshkin gets as high as the stairs or elevator will take him, he often scales up scaffolding or other parts of the structure. The tallest building he has climbed to date is the Mercury City Tower in Moscow. At 338 meters (about 1,109 feet), it's the tallest in Europe. Oreshkin is one of Russia's extreme urban climbers, known to hang off the edge of buildings by only his fingers. He does all this unsupervised and without any safety gear. 

 "Using safety measures changes something—no one is going to recognize that you really risked your life," Oreshkin says, adding that he knows what he's doing is dangerous. 

Alex Ramone - No Where To Go [Sampler]

@AlexRamoneSings releases a sampler of her latest project "No Where To Go" being released soon.  stream below.