"Loyalty Is Everything" @NegroFlow x @Marvlouz

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Nike To Release Signature Jeremy Lin Shoe

Jeremy Lin has renegotiated his previous limited deal with Nike, according to reports.

ESPN Radio reported last week that Nike planned to release a new shoe that features the Knicks’ blue and orange and “Lin” on the back of the heel. Before the sneakers are released you can expect Nike to roll out a new promotional campaign built around Lin.

OFTLOA - @ChavisChandler [official video]

Directed by @TheMRMR Done by @5yve
Here we present the visuals for #OFTLOA (Only For The Love Of Art) by Chavis Chandler of the Bruiser Brigade and VVE. OFTLOA is from the highly anticipated #BOFAII project available for downloads at www.ChavisChandler.com

Nicki Minaj 'Notorious K.I.N.G.’ VIBE | Full Spread


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Born from a desire to create artifacts out of our vices, Cast of Vices celebrates the inherent design aesthetic of these substances while casting a critical eye on pop culture and our obsession with self-medication and addiction. When our Rome falls, these will be our remains.

Silver and 1'' W

Made in USA

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5 Must Haves For The Year

Fashionising gives us these tips:
1- Wide leg pants
2- Tuxedo Jacket
3- Leather harness
4- High slit dress
5- 60's Peter Pan collar

Large Cup Of Coffee Please

Sometimes one cup of coffee just isn't enough. Sometimes you just feel like you need 2 or 5 or 20. So why not make it easy on yourself and just put all of those cups into one giant mug? This coffee mug can hold up to twenty cups of coffee Though we advise against actually drinking 20 cups at once, it's nice to know you could if you wanted, right? Porcelain. Holds 160 ounces. Approximately 6.5"x10"

Lace By Tanaya's Cross Lookbook

Melody Ehsani & NCLA Nail Wrap Collab

Melody Ehsani teams up with NCLA Nails. Just look at these nail wraps!!! These designs are gonna be HUGE. Log onto NCLA's site on March 31st to get the goods.

While Roaming Through Tumblr.....

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Morning Cakery

Mobb Deep ft. Waka Flocka "They Scared" [prod. by Havoc]

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FML Daily

Today, I learned that it doesn't matter how good you've screwed a satellite dish onto the side of your house, it won't stop the wind the ripping it off and taking half the wall with it. FML