"The Dopest" @JohnSportin ft. @Switchmula [official video]

Smoke DZA "Ralph Lifshitz" prod. by Boi-1da [official video]

Happy B'day to @Shatek

shoutout to one of the hottest producer's and director's Shatek. known for the "Throw It In The Bag" Remix beat and so many more, be on the lookout for those #GetYaHeard videos on GetYaHeard.com

She's Superbad

The Nike Dunk Pro SB 1985-2011 Book

Since 1985 The NIKE DUNK‘s has been adopted by skaters and has gone to became one of the most influencial iconic skate shoe design. This time NIKE SB show it a book with graphics descriptions on the evolution of this skate shoe with a little cardboard box inside containing some pictures and the improvements on the dunk’s for example the Zoom Air Bag on the heel in 2002.

Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill - Perfectionist

Production by Alchemist

Spiral Shelf

A metal spiral shelf that embraces the chaotic beauty of layers of unfolded clothes. The designers at Argue Design, say that Spiral Shelf is "A living sculpture for daily life inspired by human behavior."

Glamour Says: Sex Tips- Turn The Tables During Your Next Round Of Hooking Up

The next time you’re feeling riled up and ready to pounce, wait until you and your boyfriend are lying in bed. Once he turns to his side, follow suit and casually start spooning him. After a few moments, reach your hands into his PJs and start massaging his butt. Nibble on his neck and whisper hot-little-somethings into his ears. After he gives an encouraging moan or two, reach one hand around to the front to get a handle on his business. And then you two can really get cooking.

Heart Shaped Padlock & Key

Not just for locking away really big secrets, this large unique antique white Heart shaped lock & key also makes a darling paperweight for your desk! It actually locks closed with the included vintage style key ♥
* Functional
* Distressed Finish
* Cast Iron
* 4.5" x 5.5" x 1"

Batwing Sleeves

I love love love this top. The color, the V-neck and the batwing sleeves are the best comfy look. Adore it like I do? Get it.

Dominate Another Day - Gadgets

Rob Manuchi ft. T-Pain "Make A Movie" [video | mp3 dl]

@Rob_Manuchi teams up with T-Pain and does a track for the ladies called 'Make A Movie'. dope record you really gotta listen to understand just how ill it is because of the movie's he's describing and shit all flows together.

Kevin Hart aka Chocolate Drop Invades Big Boy's Neighborhood

Troy Ave "Hustle Hard Keymix" [video]

alright alright, another visual from @TroyAve this one for his keymix over the Hustle Hard instrumental, dope shit as usual from the BK native. its still #BricksInMyBackpack

While Roaming Through Tumblr.....

NBA's Top 10 Plays for Feb. 15th