Rihanna's "Rated R" Album Snippets

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Dirty Money "Love Come Down"

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Clipse "DoorMan"

Total Atrocity....Air Jordan 2010

Today, Jordan Brand announced the upcoming launch of its 25th anniversary AIR JORDAN 2010 shoe. Celebrating a quarter-century of innovative design and genre-inspiring style, Jordan Brand created the AIR JORDAN 2010 to pay respect to the legacy of Michael Jordan in basketball while passing on the heritage of the sport to the talented Team Jordan athletes, such as Dwyane Wade, who will be the first to debut the AIR JORDAN 2010
i stopped wearing jordans years ago and for this reason, shit just aint the same

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Wale "Center Of Attention"

Trey Songz ft. Dondria "I Invented Sex"[remix]

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A photography project of the university Wiesbaden ( now Hochschule Rhein Main ).
The concepts name was "Gravity" and we musst play creativ with how gravity in visual media be applicated.

Team: Mohammed Amine Nasseri, Natalie Borger, Magda Klukowski and Elisabet Frau-Trullén.
Professor: Frau Meike Becker-Lacour.

Hochschule Rhein-Main, summer semester 2009, Germany.
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Driving A Car With A Iphone....

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Beanie Sigel ft. 50 "I Go Off" [snippet]

Rihanna "Russian Roulette" [video preview]

Sex Position of the Day

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Essentially the Butterfly position with a twist, the Screw definitely deserves the name. The receiver lies on their side at the edge of a bed or couch, while their partner enters from the edge side. This position offers the giver a great deal of freedom of movement, takes very little strength, and features the rotated penetration angle, making it one of the hottest sex positions around.

Hot Mirror Pic !!!