Beach Bum 2012 | #3

Hot Tattoo!!!

Cool Ways To Store Your Beauty Products

While on Glamour's site I came across this beauty tip. There are many ways to store all of our beauty products rather than a bag or case. Not only will they be more organized, it will be easier for you to find each product.

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Leopard Lovin'

Drawing style inspiration from downtown New York, it's no surprise that Illesteva's contemporary-cool sunglasses are a fashion pack must-have. We love this 'Leonard 2' pair - handcrafted from leopard-print acetate with contrasting transparent ecru arms and black lenses, they'll add a hit of hip to every look.

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Have A Happy F*cking Birthday

Sometimes saying "Happy Birthday!" just isn't quite enough. Sometimes you need that extra sparkle to really show someone how excited you are that you're celebrating a birthday. Now we have that pizazz you've been looking for with the Happy F*cking Birthday Party Set. You get 1 birthday ribbon, 8 7" plates, 8 two ply napkins, 8 hats & 8 multicolored balloons all to really express how really f*cking excited it is that it's their f*cking birthday.

FML Daily

Today, I discovered I'd left my coffee on top of my car when it fell through the sun roof whilst I was driving, showering me. FML