Primitive Spring 2011 "Beyond The Blvd" [video]

What is Primitive to you? Most know it for Paul Rodriguez and models like Shay Maria and Alexis Lopez appearing in their gear. But hey are more then that. This is a very well made behind the scenes video that represents what Primitive is all about. Genuine people being themselves, having fun, and doing they’ve always loved. From skateboarders, models, musicians and everyone in between. Check out the video and know that the Primitive is for everyone, especially you. Check out website at primitiveshoes.com.

Mysonne "In Jail" [official video] [directed by @RalphRandom]


Vanessa Nina: Beauty on White

Smart Design – Studio Apartment

Within its tiny 450 sq. ft. living space, this transforming custom built-in handles all the functions of the home! Check it out..

NBA's Top 10 Plays for April 21st | The Playoffs

"Thank You For Listening" @TheRealSuspects [mixtape]

Colby Groves and JIM D aka Unusual Suspects release there EP "Thank You For Listening" download at suspectsmusic.bandcamp.com

#FattyFriday + 1 video

The LeBrons – Episode 3: "Goria"

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4 85-inch 3D HDTV

Want the biggest, most posh screen available without moving to a full-on home theater? Give the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4 85-inch 3D HDTV ($TBA) a try. This mammoth plasma features an 85-inch screen with Automatic Color Management, 3D with active shutter glasses, an integrated BeoLab 10 center speaker with Acoustic Lens Technology to spead the sound out across the room, and a motorized stand that automatically lifts the TV to an optimal viewing position when you power it on, and can turn and tilt at will. [via]

Jar Full

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