Staple | "Seasonal Affective" Spring 2014 Lookbook 1/2 [video]

Unless you live in LA or one of the other lucky cities that wasn’t plagued by shit weather all winter, this scene may look familiar to you. We at Staple were almost at our wit’s end when the creative guys at Brickhouse Projects reached out to do something beautiful with the snow. We made two videos to showcase the Staple Spring 2014 Collection, and this is the first. 

Everything about this is symbolic of the Love and Hate we feel for New York right now. It’s both grimy and gorgeous, murky and obscured (in neon) and bright white as our skin gets sunburned by light reflecting off the snow. New York is that bad bitch who doesn’t give you the time of day…but you love her for it. [Jeff Staple]

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