Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Jordan 13 Flint Comparison by @SneakerDave

Footage Of A Little Boy Being Terrorized By His Dead Friend

A Jamaican boy claims he is being harassed by theduppy (ghost/spirit) of his departed friend.

Are You Really 'Kinect'd'

GEL explains:

As I raced [in Kinect Joy Ride] I really didn’t feel like I was in much control. It felt like it was trying to automatically guide me along a track. So, I ran an experiment and tried just sitting there holding the “wheel”. To my amusement, it worked! So yeah, the next day I hooked up a camera and got the madness on film.

The Run Down

WIFIH Exclusive!!! @TroyAve "Start It Up" [freestyle]

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z "That's My Bitch"

Swizz Beats ft. Busta Rhymes "Bad One"

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She's Superbad

New Shit!!! @BreezeMantana "Another"

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