BTS T.I.T.S. x Draya [video]

10.Deep Summer Lookbook 2012 | Wild & Peaceful

2 Chainz Performs At FADER x Vitamin Water's Uncapped Event In Seattle

FADER and Vitamin Water threw their latest Uncapped concert last night in Seattle where 2 Chainz performed and we have video footage of him performing "Spend It" & "No Lie". thesermonsdomain

Multiple Exposure Portraits

these amazing multiple exposure portraits are created by a Finnish graphic designer and photographer named Christoffer Relander. In photography, a multiple exposure is the superimposition of two or more individual exposures to create a single photograph. likecool

Made Rich Presents Think Before You Ink Vol. 1 Series 2: Nigel Sylvester

Spice Up Your Vest

Step into the Wild West with this shearling and suede gilet. Adorned with star-shaped studs and swinging fringe trims, this on-trend coverup is a cool interpretation of classic American style. Be sure to keep this piece the focus of your look with a simple silk shirt and skinny jeans.

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LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh on The View [video]

According To Cosmo, This Is A Must Try Sex Move!

Erotic Instructions:
This pose provides a quiet moment in the middle of the mattress madness. When on the brink of the Big O, take a break from whatever heart-pounding position you’re in and try this out as a horny holding pattern. Roll onto your sides, face-to-face (if possible, keep him inside you the entire time), then put the passion on a low simmer with your legs intertwined and your chests pressed against one another. Slowly build yourself back up to an even more incredible climax. Trust us, you’ll both be screaming ohmmm...my...God!

Why You'll Love It:
There’s not a whole lot of motion, which is why Now and Zen delays your orgasm. But it’s perfect for erotic embraces and intimate contact. You’ll feel closer to your man because you two are facing body-to-body. It’s this kind of incredible emotional ecstasy that makes you laugh, cry, and come all at the same time.


Lucky Charms

Amazing gold chain necklace featuring pearl beads with a selection of British royal charms. Has adjustable clasp closure. 23" long.

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45 Record Coaster Set

Rock out with these Gama-Go record coasters and turn every-day drinks into a hit! Made of silicone rubber, these coasters are washable, dishwasher safe, and perfect for backstage parties. Set of 4 coasters. Approx. 4" across.

Morning Cakery

FML Daily

Today, I finally got enough money to buy the car I wanted for a year now. It was stolen today too. I had my car for 4 hours. FML