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Papoose Gets Five Boroughs Of New York Tatted On His Hand

VMA's Hottest New Couple: Kevin Hart, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian [video]

New Video!!! @ForPeetsSake ft. @AjayD OOAK [official video]

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Knitted Goodness

NASTY GAL is all ready for the fall/winter season. These knitted tops are an eye catcher.

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Money, Power, Respect - Rick Ross | Allindstrom.com Interview [video]

Target Tips That Every Shopper Should Know

EVERY Target shopper NEEDS to know this: If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, it's the lowest it will be.

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BreadOverBed Behind The Scenes w| 2 Chainz [video]

2 Chainz talks sales projections Def Jam is prediciting and how not to crease up your YSL pants ha.

Clever Tip Jar Notes

Rita Ora, Kevin Love, and Stalley All Styled by @Jason_Rembert

Jason styles pop star Rita Ora for her performance this past weekend at Lollapalooza. Rita is a finalist in the Rolling Stone Women Who Rock competition. Please vote for her here!

Discarded MetroCard Art by Nina Boesch

the mosaic-like collages created from pieces of cut-up MetroCards show landmarks, objects, people and typographic motives.

Fringy Fun

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of DIY fringe tops. I'm all for a DIY project but this top is perfection.
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