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Mishka Spring 2012 Lookbook [Teaser]


when capturing photos in a busy area, like a public square or a concert for example, it is often difficult to get a clean shot without unwanted objects entering the frame. Now you can capture the shot anyway, and simply let the camera remove the people for you!

point your camera and take a photo. Afterwards you can remove anyone moving around, or select your friends and remove any strangers.

A$AP Rocky | Live At The National [Revo Soundstage]

A$AP Rocky performed in Richmond, VA. Here's a bit of what went down at The National that night. Shot & edited by Revo Media.

Joe Budden "Stay Schemin" [freestyle]

Listen And Download "Stay Schemin" Here

9five Spring 2012 Lookbook w| Shay Maria

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her Curves.

Tuesday's Top 10 Plays | NBA Highlights

AT&T Places Limit To Unlimited Data

Mike Trang likes to use his iPhone 4 as a GPS device, helping him get around in his job. Now and then, his younger cousins get ahold of it, and play some YouTube videos and games.

But in the past few weeks, there has been none of that, because AT&T Inc. put a virtual wheel clamp on his phone. Web pages wouldn't load and maps wouldn't render. Forget about YouTube videos — Trang's data speeds were reduced to dial-up levels.

"It basically makes my phone useless," said Trang, an Orange County, Calif. property manager.

Cop Caught On Video Making Up Evidence

A typical day being a young black man in america, both were full time workers and going 2 school, it doesn't matter what kind of job,money or degree you got, let you be in the wrong place at the right time and these cacs will lynch you

They did an "investigation" and even with the video of an officer kicking these guys and then saying he was going to falsify testimony HE WAS EXONERATED.

Mike Lawless "Unforgettable"

@MikeLawlessCR x Campaign Rich "Unforgettable". MikeLawless.Tumblr

Wiz Khalifa | DayToday "Miami"

shot & edited by @Billpaladino

Adele To Take A 5 Year Break, Plans To Focus On Relationship

If fans found it hard to live without Adele for the last five months, as the singer suffered throat problems and recuperated from vocal-cord surgery, they could be in for an even more difficult five years. In an interview with Vogue, the Grammy winner has revealed plans to take a half-decade break and focus on her relationship with new boyfriend Simon Konecki.

Morning Cakery

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Today, I asked a good friend what she thought would make me more attractive towards women. Her advice was, "Don't be yourself." FML