Sex Position of the Day

Courtesy of SexInfo101.com.

An extreme form of the Rodeo position, the Acrobat is a very intimate transition from its more common cousin. The easiest way to get into the Acrobat position is to have the giver lie down on their back then have their partner lie down backwards from the rodeo position. One side note; unlike the Rodeo position, the Acrobat requires the giver to take over stroking duties.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Nokia N920 Internet Tablet

The Nokia N900 might have just been released, but hot on its heels is its successor, the Nokia N920 Internet Tablet. It showed up at the Nokiaport.de forums.

The photo appears to be real and we know that the device will feature a 4.13″ capacitivetouchscreen display in a thin body. And yes, no sign of a physical keyboard. We don’t have any info on its release date, but don’t expect it for awhile. We will likely see it at Mobile World Congress 2010.


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Sculpture showerhead by Vado

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Rosa Acosta at a photoshoot [behind the scenes]

lowrider mag behind the scenes pics

Lupe Fiasco "Solar Midnite"

Timbaland ft. SoShy "Morning After Dark"

Talk About A Publicity Stunt

"Balloon Boy" Falcon Henne Admits: "We Did This For The Show"
damn i wish i wouldve thought of a stunt like this for the blog lo0ol

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Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Hot Mirror Pic!!!