Play Cloths - Fall 2009 Collection - Cut And Sew

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Microdermal Piercings

Microdermal piercings are becoming something very common. This piercing is unique because its not one that has a back piece (like an earring, belly ring etc.) that you can pull out. This one is put into your skin with no back piece. Basically these little studs can go ANYWHERE on your body.

Make- Up Looks For The Fall

Cat Eye

Candy Colored Eye

Extreme Smokey Eye

Bold Brows

What girls doesn't like to be in the know of make-up tips? Well Sephora has brought a few tips on how to get these looks. Visit their site to see more great tips.

Comfort For The Kiddies

Kids too have their own comfy little seats. With the design and colors a kid can enjoy this IKEA Monika Mulder Swivel Chair. View more details here.

With the hood pulled down the chair is a secret hiding place for a child.
The fabric lets light in so it is never completely dark under the hood.
Spinning helps the brain sort sensory impressions.
Can be used with a cushion or pad for added comfort.

Black Lizard Gucci

For a night out on the town, this Gucci Black Lizard evening bag can be the elegant addition to your outfit. It's soft and sassy at the same time. Work it ladies, work it!

Aldo's New Arrivals

Aldo has a few new arrivals and I thought I'd keep the ladies updated. These picks were a few of my favs. Check out these shoes and more before it's too late.