Louboutins Pastries

Check this out Louboutins are now edible... i was on my twitter & Kourtney Kardashian has a twitpic of this. I mean the shoes are already fabulous & its every girls dream to own a pair, now just imagine how great it would be that you could actually eat them. This is a great gift for all the shoe whores & those who have shoe fetishes !

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Hot Tattoo!!!

How to: Get Into A Club

She's SuperBad

Where The Wild Things Are Pop-Up Store

With the movie release coming closer, we see more and more happening around Where The Wild Things Are. This passed weekend a dedicated pop-up store opened its doors in Los Angeles at Space Twenty 15. You can find all sorts of Where The Wild Things Are merchandise in the shop, including Geoff McFetridge tees, toys, books, drawings and more. Make sure to get out there if you find the time.
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Porsche Panamera Four-door Sports Car

Dope Video

Everyone seems to think that Lady Gaga is nuts, but i love her! All the weird costumes & images of death she shows in this video to me is Pure Genius & True Art. She thinks outside the box & isn't doing what every other pop artist are doing. Honestly with the music being made lately & the garbage videos..People shouldn't fear her psycho ways, but fear her moving up the charts & probably becoming one of the Best Pop Icons!

Hot Shoes

Shoes by Miu Miu $675

Check out Gwyneth Paltrow rocking them at a fashion show in Madrid for designer Adolfo Dominguez. Some critics didn't like the look..I LOVED IT! What do you think?

Hot Mirror Pic!!!


These two limited edition shades "Jade" & "Jade Rose" where made to mimic the jade jewelry & the pink & pistachio tweed of the Fall 2009 Chanel collection. Chanel boutiques sell them for $25. Ladies get them before they are gone!!

L.A.M.B. Fall 2009

These looks were inspired by Gwen Stefani's off stage image.
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Vagina Art???

Artist Jamie McCartney has created a wall of vaginas called "Design a Vagina". He has 120 vaginas so far & is looking for 40 more volunteer vagina models to finish his study on the female body part. The British Sculptor also invented what he calls the "internal pussy casting service". I found this a little interesting & thought Wow...Now thats a man who loves PUSSY!!!

"Hunt Chris Brown" lmao0o

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Sex Position of the Day


This position is all about control — so take it from the get-go and have your man lie faceup on the bed. Turn around and straddle him — so your back is toward him — and then lower yourself onto his erect penis. Extend your legs back toward his shoulders, relaxing your torso onto the bed between his feet. With both your legs and your man’s forming an X-shape, start to slide up and down. Use his feet for added thrusting leverage.

Hot Events!!! [Queens, NY] @Club Moka Oct.2nd

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Hot Events!!! [Florida]

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