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ColorWare wants to add some color to your TV

Not content with jazzing up your handheld devices, the folks at Colorware now want to give your TV a color makeover. LED or 3D, it makes no difference to them.

They will color the bejesus out of whatever you have. But this time, instead of mocking up your TV’s new paint job on their site, you’ll have to call with the type of colors you want to customize all over your TV. What color would you want?

[Chip Chick]

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Help Produce Battlemasterz

Battlemaster is raising funds for Stimulate the fusion of comic/music/animation in a unrivaled project, 'Battlemasterz' on Kickstarter! Battlemasterz is a urban epic tale, where gifted artists are bestowed with a gift ,that allows their life to imitate a hip-hop art form for battle. To Find Out How You Can Donate Log On To http://www.battlemasterz.blogspot.com/ http://www.youtube.com/dormworld Or Follow @Drymz On Twitter For More Info


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